I Was Made From The Sun, Your Opinions Can’t Burn Me

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You are surprised to see me comfortable in my skin,

in my own brown skin.

If it wasn’t for your continuous reminders about how I am not suppose to feel at home in my own skin,

for my skin isn’t the right colour,

the white colour,

I would have never loved the sun.

You provided the ignition my rebel streak needed to set the world on fire.

If you were not comfortable with me being comfortable in my own skin,

then that was exactly what I was going to do.

If society wasn’t going to embrace me,

I was going to embrace me.

After all,

I do have a reputation to maintain.

I am the daughter of the sun.

He doesn’t revolve around anyone,

and I carry his genes.

When it comes to me,

my colour should be the least of your worries.

I was made from the Sun,

Your opinions can’t burn me.


Vitasta Singh

Student Reporter

January 2017

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sukhveer singh

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