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Crack in the Board?

It was recently reported that Class X boards are likely to return from the year 2018. We asked our reporters if they felt boards are necessary for education in India. For the Better of

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To Stand or Not to Stand?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling making playing of national anthem mandatory before every movie screening, our reporters debate the two sides to the argument. For the Right Feeling The national anthem of a

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To Reserve or Not to Reserve?

While India witnessed massive protests and violence in Haryana for reservations, School LIVE  reporters discuss if India should do away with reservations. An Equal Footing One of the most debated topics in Indian history

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Students and Politics

In recent times, across the country in various universities, we have witnessed mass unrest, and headline grabbing news. Our School Live reporters debate if active politics has a place in a student’s life.  

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Do Women Stand Equal?

With quite a few recent incidents of women being criticized for misusing their status with reservations in public transport, as well as people making a case for the need for this reservation, our School

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Bursting the Air

After the incredibly high level of smog in Delhi NCT after Diwali this year, firecrackers have come under a larger scrutiny. An already severely polluted Delhi had another blow coming at it. But is

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Censoring Times

We as a country have recently witnessed a lot of controversy with regard to Udta Punjab and Tanmay Bhat’s Snapchat video. Censorship is defined as, “The suppression of opinions and views, with the claim,

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Malala Yousafzai, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, among others, to name a few, have all been inspired by Gandhi is someway or the other. But we, as a nation, find it

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The Road To Take?

We as a country, have laid a great deal of emphasis on the education of every child and various programs have been put in place to ensure the same. But for the children living

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