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Slam Poetry

Freedom, From Aleppo

Today, we bid our goodbyes To a world that never cared Enough for us, Drowning us in a sea of disdain Today, we bid our goodbyes To the struggles that kept us alive To

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Slam Poetry


I never forgot the day you embarrassed me the worst Speaking with your usual hitches, stammering at every single word. How in front of all those teachers, parents and friends, you were miserably slow.

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Slam Poetry


A long time ago, I was a brilliant one Always known for perfection “Winner”, “Champion”, were my second names I was a nerd who played games Ever ready for challenges and barriers Never giving

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Slam Poetry

Bid Adieu

Clad in lace, muslin and veil, Champa flowers adorning her trail, The expanse of thick, black top, Glowing in the soft twilight. Red deep henna, A maze of patterns and letters, And shimmering golden

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The pressure of study. The blabbering of Mummy. Publishing math problems in our minds. And history notes by its side. Keeping our eyes glued to the books. “Study hard”, “Gain good marks” from each

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A Delhi Destitute

I can’t step out look at my poor plight The dust grabs my neck hard and the smoke threatens me everyday, every night. Forget about the stars; I can’t even see my sky. It’s

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Slam Poetry

Truth About Parents

My mom and dad are not what they seem, Their dull appearance is a part of their scheme. I know of their plans. I know their techniques, My parents are outer space alien freaks!

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Slam Poetry


Like a feather, my body drifts away to a whole new world, to a whole new stage where I dance away my troubles and worries, peacefully and gracefully. My heart skips a beat on

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Slam Poetry

Land In Ruins

The house was new, Let me see those scars and the broken bones, of the kid on the street holding a stone. He spoke in words that I can’t quote, felt like a razor

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