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A Friend In-Deed

While no one can deny the joy a dog brings into the lives of humans, the strays on the streets often get mistreated and ignored. For her absolute love for them, Mahi Ghia decided

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Leading the Change

A class VII student from American School of Bombay decided to do his bit at helping children fight cancer. Arav Hak spoke to School LIVE. How did the idea of the fundraiser come to

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100 Million You!

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Kailash Satyarthi, wants to share an important experience with every child who can read this.   My dear young friends, Did you know that on the 11th of December we

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Cleanliness Drive: Voiceless India

Voiceless India is a youth-run campaign which has been initiated to spread awareness about animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Reaching out for more causes they recently conducted a  cleanliness drive in Noida’s Gejha Village.

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Lighting Passions

Kids express their creativity in different ways, ways which sometimes become difficult for adults to grasp. A little girl with her love for arts and craft decided to use her gift to feed the

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When the Pure Hearted Rise

Pure Hearts is a children’s initiative from Delhi-NCR with children aged between 6-18 years.  These children are from various schools like The Shri Ram School, Heritage School, Pathways, DPS, Lotus Valley, Kunskapsskolan and different

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Jumpstarting Change

From being passionate about a sport to actually using your talent for sewa in the society, can be a tough ask for a teenager. But Anandini Chawla does at her age, which would make

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Hunger Resolutions

India is a country which is often marred by extremities. One of many is of food: while some have too much, several others can’t get themselves even a single meal a day. Many of

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Never Your Fault  

Sexual Abuse is one of the vilest things to happen to anyone. More so to kids, who barely understand that it is not on you, but the perpetuator of the heinousness. Harish Iyer on

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