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A Startup Trail

Saurabh Sharma tells us why his first startup failed and what he learnt on that journey. We were like every other undergraduate student. We were motivated to build a business while still in college

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Work Tyrelessly

While walking back from school, a 16 year old witnessed some tyres on fire, and realized that the fuming smoke could not bode well for the environment. Tanima Kedar in conversation with Anubhav Wadhwa,

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Painting the Crown Red

Environment is an impending issue which is either being taken too lightly or being neglected out-rightly. Few students from The Shriram Millennium School, Faridabad did their small bit to spread awareness about the issue.

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Deemed as one of the first few Artivists of India, Kaanchi Chopra is a rather soft spoken, cheerful teen. However, her doodles share a different story, powerfully speaking out about her passion for social

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Lighting The Way  

In a one of a kind concerted effort, Parth Bansal ,recently invented a laser cane for his grandmother, who suffers from the Parkinson’s disease. Parth’s sincere efforts have proved to be a boon not

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