Piggy Bank

We are all familiar with the sweet clinkering of the coins that we save up in our piggy banks. But it does break our hearts, every time we have to smash them, once they

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Light Box

At the start of every year, we make New Year resolutions, but as the months roll by, we tend to slack and forget all about them. Well here is a DIY that will not

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Bat Lamp

Fans of Batman, do you wish to turn your room into a bat cave? Here is an easy way to make a bat lamp for your room, that will make you go nana nana

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Your own T-shirt Print!

All the fans of Superheroes, movies and television series are familiar with the thrill of wearing custom made t-shirts of their favourite characters.  So how about, instead of waiting for the merchandise to launch,

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Help Out a Winged Friend

Summers are just around the corner and so are the summer vacations, where all that you dream of doing is kicking back and relaxing, with a tall glass of lemonade in your hand and

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Rainy Day Hacks

The sun is out with a vengeance and seems hell bent on making us suffer, if nothing else, of a bad tan. However, what keeps us going is the wait for the arrival of

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Superhero Frame

Feliz Navidad!! It’s Christmas season, a time to exchange gifts, cake and memories. So here is a simple DIY Superhero Frame that you can gift your cousin or a friend who is a superhero

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Knotty Business

So it’s that time of the year when you dress up in pretty clothes, apply mehandi on your palms, tie a Rakhi around your brother’s wrist and eagerly wait for him to shower you

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Scratch Art

Crayons are so much fun! DIY Scratch Crayon Art is simple to make, a lot of fun and definitely makes for interesting room decor! You will need: 1. Oil Pastels/Crayons 2. Skewers/toothpicks 3. A

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Poke Ball Night Lamp

With Pokemon making a tremendous comeback with Pokemon Go, Pokemons are all that we talk about. For all you fans, what’s better than your own Pokemon Night Lamp. Follow these easy steps, and you

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