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Amit Dubey (Cyber Expert)

Decoding Bitcoin

Do you know that last week a group of hackers managed to infect the computer network of Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) in USA with a ransomware and demanded US$28,000 payment in Bitcoins to

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Amit Dubey (Cyber Expert)

Who are Legion?

We recently witnessed a massive trolling of some popular figures on twitter when their accounts were hacked. But to us it may have been moments of comic relief, our cyber expert, Amit Dubey, tells

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Amit Dubey (Cyber Expert)

Hacking Decoded

As the cases of cyberbullying continue to rise, and children continue to be its most vulnerable targets, we have cyber hacking expert, Amit Dubey enlighten us about some of the very basics for our

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Amit Dubey (Cyber Expert)


Imagine, you are in a car and running on a highway with almost 50Kmph speed and suddenly the car’s music system volume reaches to the maximum automatically, you quickly try to fiddle with the

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