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The Pains of Parting
This story appears in the August 2018 issue of School LIVE.
Change is the only constant, and with every change there is the possibility of a loved one moving away from us. It may be the distance, they might have changed classes or simply the fact that people grow apart. Whatever the reason may be, parting ways is always hard. As difficult as it may seem, we take a look at some ways that can help ease out this pain.

Saying goodbyes have never really been easy. Especially when it means never being able to meet a friend or someone special. What makes it more difficult is the fact that we spend so much time with these people, that we get used to them being around us. So much so that we can’t imagine a life without them. All the places that were frequented together, suddenly start reminding us, of all that was, and all that can never be.

None of us are strangers to loss. We’ve watched the  best of friendships end and important relations bite the dust. It’s in moments such as these, when we suddenly feel incomplete. But the fact of life is that we’ve got to get up and back on track, because the show must go on! There is no sure shot way, however, there are measures that we can
take to help coming to terms with loss.



The most important thing to do, after a break up with a friend, is to accept the fact that it has happened. The sooner we are able to accept it, the sooner we can come to terms with it. It is also important to understand that it is not necessary that people who you were close to once, will remain the same way forever.

When going through this phase, you will experience conflicting emotions. There will be times when you will cry and the next moment you will remember some good memory reminding you of your friend, and it will make you laugh. The important thing to remember is that you associate your friend with the good memories and keep the bad ones out.

Just like the fox who couldn't get to the grapes, and called them sour, when friends part ways, we tend to say nasty things about them. For some, doing this may be a way of coping, however, this will only result in making you the bad one. It may also be possible that both of you had a lot of common friends, and any negative thing said will spread like wildfire through them. So avoid saying anything that might create further tension with your once good friend and avoid any conflicts.

It's good to want things to go back to normal, however don't bank too much upon it. The best  way to move on is to go and meet new people. Don't make a hasty decision to find a best friend/friend to replace the one you just parted ways with. Take one step at a time and allow things to happen naturally.  Because forcing yourself to do something like this, might just spoil things even more.

Nothing can prepare us enough to handle the loss of a good friend, however, what matters is that we make all the effort and try to put behind us things that bog us down. Life moves on and with that the only option is for us to do the same.



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