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The Myths That Science Proved Wrong!
This story appears in the issue of School LIVE.
We, as human beings, tend to trust all the information that reaches us through a reliable resource – say a teacher, a textbook or parents. But what if we tell you that certain things which you easily believed as a child have now, actually been proven false by the right research? Yes, there’s a possibility that the things we grew up hearing or reading throughout our life are actually a bunch of lies! Curious much? We present you with a list of such myths that have already been long busted over time.

Does A Camel Have a Dry Water Tank?

As a child, weren’t we always taught that Camels could live without water for seven days because of their ability to store water in their humps? Well, guess what? It’s just a myth that started a long time ago because of how their humps looked! Camels are instead, able to avoid dehydration because of the oval-shaped red blood cells (unlike human beings), kidneys and intestines. As far as that hump goes, it's nothing more than a big mound of fat which is used as a source of nourishment when they don’t get enough food. The hump is no water tank, just fat.

Do Bulls Hate The Colour, Red?

We have all watched movies which lead you to believe that when a bull sees the colour red, it becomes very angry. But the truth is that it doesn't. Bulls are actually colour blind and they can’t even differentiate one colour from the other, let alone decipher what the colour is and base their moods accordingly. The myth originated from all the bullfights in which matadors used a red cape to make a bull angry. While it was the movement of the cape that provoked the bulls, people started associating it with the red colour. 

Do Kids Always Get A Sugar Rush?

Is there any kid in the world who doesn’t love sweets? Be it cakes, ice creams, chocolates, candies or jellies, children just can’t resist the urge to eat them, can they? Sometimes, even parents and adults find it difficult to stop their children from having sweets. Although there are plenty of good reasons to stop a child from eating too much sugar, the reason concerning the sugar rush is a myth. While most people believe that eating tonnes of sugar makes a child hyperactive, scientists, however, have proven this fact wrong. A piece of cake cannot turn a polite, sweet-looking child into a notorious, jumpy sugar monster but a dearth of it can!

Does A Chewing Gum 'Stick' Around For 7 Years?

One of the most common myths concerning a chewing gum is that if someone swallows the same, it stays in their stomach for seven years. However, although a piece of chewing gum may stay in our body for some time, it will definitely, not ‘stick’ around our stomach for 7 years. The reason behind this fact is that chewing gums cannot be digested by our body as easily as other foods. Therefore, a piece of gum goes straight through our system without being dissolved or broken into smaller pieces and is later excreted. Now, just because you know this fact, doesn’t mean that you should try to swallow gum. You should also never swallow seeds of any fruit as it could grow into a tree inside your stomach. Just kidding!

Was Einstein Always A Bad Student?

Many a time, when a child is unable to score well in an exam, he/she ends up feeling better by leading through the example of Albert Einstein. Why? It is quite a common story that Einstein was a ‘bad student’. Contrary to popular belief, he was actually quite brilliant and a topper of his class. The only thing he did fail to crack was an entrance exam to the Zurich Polytechnic because he failed in linguistics and historical subjects but excelled in mathematics and natural sciences, as always. 

Can You See China From The Moon?

There’s no doubt that the Great Wall Of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world. Growing up, we may have even heard that this incredible architecture was the only man-made structure that could be visible to the naked eye from space. However, it is not corroborated by evidence from astronomers.

Blind As A Bat?

As a child, you may have been taught, at some point or the other, to stay away from bats because of their blindness. You were even scared that these creatures didn’t know which to go! It’s true that bats make their way only with the help of sound waves that bounce off objects (known as echolocation) but it’s not because of the fact that they are blind. Hate to burst your bubble but bats, in fact, have the ability to see three times better than us, humans.

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