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The Little Rainmaker
This story appears in the November 2018 issue of School LIVE.
The story of a remarkable journey by a girl to fulfill her grandfather's last wish.

The Little Rainmaker

by Roopal Kewalya



We are blessed with different seasons and weathers: the summers, the winters and the monsoons. But can you imagine what it will be like, if even one of these seasons was to disappear? This book is the penning down of a little girl’s journey to bring rain to a world, which has seen no rains for over a decade!


Fast forward to the year 2028. A time way into the future for many of us and a time when people are devoid of enjoying the monsoons. Enter the main character of the book, Anoushqa a chirpy little 10 year old girl, who lives with her grandfather, “grampa”.


Young Anoushqa enjoys listening to stories from her beloved grampa. He tells her about his life and how different it was when he was young. Off all the tales narrated, Anoushqa finds it very hard to believe that at one point of time water was easily available and that it rained abundantly with the formation of beautiful rainbows. The eerie feel of missing out on simple things such as the presence of water in its natural forms and the existence of swimming pools is something that brings out the irony that we all may well witness in the coming years.


Anoushqa is completely devastated when she finds out that her only friend and companion grampa does not have enough time to live. She then sets off on a journey to try and fulfil his last wish, which is to see and feel the rain again. In a world where no one has seen rains for a long time, The Little Rainmaker talks about the expeditions of how one little girl tries to make her dying grampa’s wish come true.


How well Kewalya has pictured the times with people living off oxygen cylinders and consuming liquified H2O is both scary and eye-opening. The one thing to completely fall in love with is the special bond between Anoushqa and her dear grampa. The most striking part of the book is the way the author is able to strike the perfect balance between reality and fiction.


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