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The Green Champion of Vidarbha
This story appears in the November 2018 issue of School LIVE.
Day in, day out, we hear the news of the preposterous state of things in our country. How often do we come across people actually working for the good of others, rather than just pondering over the plight that the others face? As one such pioneer, Aarnav Aggarwal, a student of Bal Bharti School Pitampura, decided to work towards changing the life of the farmers in Vidarbha and started Ujjbhav.

In the past few years, we all have witnessed the degrading conditions of farmers across the country. News headlines have accounted the details of their pitiful state and the increase in the rates of farmer suicides, which are both horrific and eye opening. At times like these, one boy became the hope for many who had nowhere else to turn.

In a country which has around 70% of its people depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture, Aarnav found it disheartening that farmer suicides accounted for 11.2% of all suicides reported in our country. Ever since the time Aarnav read the news of the plight of farmers, he grappled with ways to eradicate farmer suicides and at the same time, improve their livelihood. He wondered why no one else asked the same questions or did anything to make the lives of farmers easy. Which is when the realisation dawned on him that he will have to take that first step.


In 2015, Aarnav started UjjBhav, with the aim of fighting farmer suicides in the Vidarbha district of Maharashtra, the epicenter of the problem. In UjjBhav’s mentorship program and the peer to peer community sessions, deprived farmers were connected with successful farmers and professionals from the agricultural field to foster information sharing and community support. They help farmers develop weekly and monthly reports for cost benefit analysis. This tech enabled enterprise also helps farmers avail government schemes already available for them.

In this way, farmers were given support and access to free information to make optimal use of the resources at hand. Aarnav’s initiative, UjjBhav has made a positive contribution in the area by helping more than 450 farmers, and planting 6000+ trees so far.  

Aarnav is committed to reinventing and addressing the core challenges that the agricultural industry faces today. With a spurt in the population, the demand for food grains have also gone up. Because of this rise in demand, Aarnav came to the conclusion that the agricultural techniques needed to be updated and had to bought in sync with the contemporary times and needs.


UjjBhav has made a positive contribution in the area by helping more than 450 farmers, and planting 6000+ trees so far.


Through his initiative, Aarnav is committed to voicing important issues, creating awareness and sharing ideas to initiate a change in the Indian agrarian sector. Though, the government is undertaking reforms to help the farmers, he feels that the people of the country collectively, are truly responsible to solve the real world problems and make the community a better place for everyone to live in.



In an interaction with School LIVE, Aarnav goes on to state, “Out of 7.6 billion people in the world, no one person can single handedly change or protect the entire world. But one day someone you have helped may come up to you and tell you how grateful they are for the efforts that you put in. They will tell you how you've impacted their life or how you've saved their life, and that little gesture is worth all the pains taken. It is this gratitude which will make all those trials and tribulations seem small. One may not save the entire world alone but, they can make a difference by saving one individual at a time. If all of us come together and commit to impacting one life at a time, can you imagine what our world would look like?”

While travelling through different cities, he found the one common thread running through them all -- resilience. His one message to the youth of today is not to be afraid to care, to love, and to be vulnerable. The first step towards creating change is to let go of fear and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is the one message that he now passes on to the other volunteers who have joined him in his mission.


Aarnav follows and believes Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology of being the change you wish to see in the world, and feels that people just need a little determination and positive attitude towards solving real world problems.

Aarnav has had countless instances when people have walked up to him and have expressed their desire to do their bit for the society, like he is doing his. His advice to all these people is to make an effort rather than sit and hope for things to change on their own. He knows that the only thing stopping anyone from making a significant contribution to the world is we, ourselves. There are numerous, complex day-to-day problems to work upon. He asked us these question, which he also poses for everyone out there, “How many of you are going to stand up? How many are going to be brave enough to weather those trials and tribulations to impact that one life? And last but not the least, how many are going to become a part of that group which is going to change the world?”

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