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This story appears in the issue of School LIVE.
Mirroring the pace in his write up to the life that he talks about, Raunaq Behl talks about what the life of an average, modern adult looks now.

Damn, I’m again late for work!”exclaimed the slumberous adult who set consecutive alarms for 6:55 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 7:05 a.m., 7:10 a.m and 7:15 a.m. Well obviously, binge-watching Game of Thrones at 2 in the morning wasn’t really worth it. The definition of a modern adult today really is quite peculiar. The modern adult who earns 50K a month, and spends half of it on Starbucks’ Coffee and quality booze. The modern adult, who rots in a cubicle for 5 days, and gets wasted in a top notch nightclub for the next 2. As the bank balance crashes past zero by the 21st of the month, they reckon salary increments, promotions or Dad sending a little bit extra a month. In an era of judgemental pricks, hypercritical feminists, snazzy and dapper looking rich people, the modern adult really confuses life with what looks like life.

“We won’t walk for our fitness in the park.”,”Ew dude,who walks for 2km straight up.” But,”OMG There is a rare Pokemon 3 km away, let’s catch it!” works. Isn’t this the epitome of hypocrisy? Hobbies of the modern adult include procrastinating, switching between thinking about delicious food and contemplating deeply about life, and undoubtedly, relationship suffering. He forces pennies out of his pockets for his brand new date, which lasts for a week, The date I mean, not the money. Therefore, he embarks on a journey, broke,and with a broken heart.

The final destination of the journey is the thought of opening a startup and wait for the money to roll in. But it doesn’t. BAM! Reality hits. Must’ve missed that on the way. We, the millennials, buy super expensive sandwiches from 5 star hotels just to Instagram it for our 1K followers. We, the millennials, recklessly spend thousands on suits and dresses, just to satiate a faded facade imprinted within our minds and we, the millennials, want iPhones in our pockets and Cartier on our wrists. Tattoos on our arms,and piercings on our brows. Mohawks on our heads, and Aldo on our feet. But Humility in our hearts, and Benevolence in our deeds? “Be right back bud, getting a dictionary.” How do we expect the modern adult to save the crashing world,when he cannot even save his crashing life? Well, I leave the contemplation to you, Mr./Ms. Modern Adult.

Raunaq Behl




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