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Fortunate are the eyes that can read, the mind that assimilates knowledge and the brain that processes it, says an adage. It establishes that it all starts with reading. Reading is as old as life itself, and it may have all begun with reading signs. Reading has connotations beyond comprehension. And to attempt to comprehend, one has to read more.

Reading itself has always had classifications. The genre of what one reads, and the outcome what one seeks of such reading, determine classifications. Reading for fun, reading for information, reading for the sake of it and reading because one is forced to, all make infinite classifications. And then reading in the new order; WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, make for many more such options. The domain of reading continues to expand, and there is no dearth of reading material. Indeed, there is a content explosion, and we are bombarded with information on every platform. But not all information and content is created equal. And that underlines the need for reading with a sense of direction. Much akin to Google Maps that one chooses to switch-on, to save time and energy to reach a certain destination on time, reading deserves to have a sense of direction, a certain purpose, and time-relevance.

Fortunately, newspaper reading continues to be a habit. Many magazines in print the world over, have survived. Many may have gone over the hill, not because the readers became extinct suddenly, but because such magazines failed to read the ever-changing reader's mind. Time-relevant content, novelty value, and substance are always valuable to a discerning audience, even as the medium and the message may continue to change. And vary. But then, that is the essence. Many may have gone to the digital wall, but do exist. Reading, hence continues to exist as a phenomenon. Sound, however loud, has not beaten light yet. Probably never will. In the noise, School LIVE reads in a tone of reason.

What reading needs is relevance and direction. In the context of growing children, to separate the desirable from the undesirable is the challenge that parents and teachers face today. In an age of instant gratification for those seeking information, leisure reading gets sacrificed somewhere. But point to ponder over is, in such an age is there anything called leisure? And then why always refer to children only, whenever the context of habit-forming crops up? Are parents doing enough to expect enough from their children? Where has the term voracious reader vanished? How often do you hear a book or a magazine being discussed at get-togethers and parties anymore? Isn't several heads bent over a smart phone to read bite-sized messages a more common a sight these days?

Relevant reading develops critical thinking skills, logical reasoning, communication skills and above all- a thirst for knowledge rather than simply information. Without this direction, the much-needed ability to reason and expand on complex issues is lost. Beautiful writing, the art that it is, makes one think and creates a deep need to learn more, and apply more, and be a part of the global, timeless dialogue for knowledge-sharing.

School LIVE partners with schools to deploy a commitment to inculcate and revive reading habits, with a passion for inclusion, presenting talent demonstration opportunities with a connect to experts, for the last mile. The READ Initiative schools engage in a variety of activities and partnerships to create a cohesive ecosystem of direction-oriented learning.
Relevant Education And Direction

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