Richa Aniruddha
Chief Editor
Richa is the Editor-in-Chief at School LIVE magazine. She is a journalist and a renowned face in the media industry.
H. Balagopal
A specialist in Media Management and Education, a consultant with many educational initiatives and now established brands, Balagopal is the pilot of our ship.
Vivek Ranjan Sinha
Vice-President, Sales and Marketing
He is well-versed with the dynamics of both Delhi and Mumbai markets, and has received all-round recognition from the client, agency and industry sides.
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep is a shy, young, enthusiastic and imaginative member of the content team at School LIVE. Bursting with fresh ideas that are relatable to School LIVE’s young audiences, his sincerity and follow-through ensure that content is brought to life in the most creative ways possible.
Naveen Thakur
Design Head
Naveen is the Design Head at School LIVE. The magazine would not become the magazine that it is without his expertise.

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