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This story appears in the issue of School LIVE.
The main description of Duryodhana in the great epic, Mahabharata is of his deviousness, obstinacy and greed for power that would bring

Percy Jackson was living a normal life like 12-year-old, well, if you call being dyslexic and ADHD stricken normal. Being bullied and having trouble with the authorities were just the usual things for him. But something that was not normal was having a satyr for a best friend and being chased by a minotaur while chilling on a beach on the very first day of your summer vacations.

That’s when Percy came to know that he was the son of a Greek god. He found a place for kids exactly like him, a camp for demigods. Percy was just getting used to the new surroundings when he was sent on a quest to retrieve Zeus’s lightning bolt, a master bolt that created lighting, which others assumed was stolen by him. Was Percy actually the thief of the lightning bolt? If not would he be able to find the real thief and also that invaluable object?

The best thing about this book is the originality of the storyline. I love the way how Rick Riordan created a masterpiece out of Greek mythology as well as the problems faced by the category people known as “teenagers”.

I never expected a mythological novel to be so amazing. There are a lot of plot twists that got my attention and kept me engaged. This story definitely kept me consumed and it is full of humor. The only thing I didn’t like about this novel was the frustrating cliff hangers. That made me want to read the next part then and there which, alas, was not always possible.

An extremely humorous and interesting story and is highly recommended for those who think that Harry Potter series are the best. Percy Jackson is definitely a must-read.

Anjishtha Sharma
Student Reporter



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