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This story appears in the issue of School LIVE.

Malala Yousafzai, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, among others, to name a few, have all been inspired by Gandhi is someway or the other. But we, as a nation, find it rather difficult to engage with his ideals. We asked some students how they thought Gandhi will tackle the social issues of today. Here are some of their answers!

There are lots of social evils in our society. These social evils can lead to the disintegration of India, and if this happens, the most unhappy soul would be our Bapu, “Mahatma Gandhi”. He had this dream of an united India, and did his best to fulfill it. If he would have been alive now, he would still be working very hard for the sake of his India, his Bharat. The social evils like child labour, domestic violence, caste system, etc. are the great issues of today. For issues like child labour, he would have done the same as he did in his Dandi March, no-violence, but still passing on the message so beautifully. He would have worked himself in place of the child he saw working, so that the owner of the shop, factory etc. would have felt ashamed and guilty for their deed and would never do that again.

For the issue of caste system and inequality, he would stay with the lower caste people, would eat with them, sleep amidst them, so that people who believe in the caste system, could realize their mistake and would stop all this. He believed that we all are the children of God, and everyone is equal.

Issues like domestic violence are mostly because of the inferior status of women or may be because of addiction to alcohol. Men think they are superior and women are inferior, and they deserve to tolerate all this, but this isn’t true. Gandhiji would have gone on hunger strikes to awaken the government, and to compel the authorities to take strict actions to ban alcohol and he would have conducted campaigns to educate women and girls. He wouldn’t have tolerated these evils and would have even given away his life for the sake of a better India.

Nowadays, the world find itself in the middle of grave violence, economic meltdown, starvation, unemployment and hatred. According to me, we need to adopt Gandhian Philosophy to tackle these, as it treated the community equally.

People of today have ignored Gandhiji’s ideas for revitalizing villages, instead, they have concentrated on industrialisation, which according to Gandhiji, isn’t the right way to solve today’s problems like poverty, climate change, terrorism etc.

According to Gandhiji, development can be observed only when we provide the basic necessities to poor people, because they are the ones who are involved in manual work, they build houses, buildings etc. Another major evil of today’s society is climate change. It affects the availability of natural water supplies, agriculture is affected, the snow caps in polar regions melt due to it, which leads to flooding. Such huge changes in climate can’t be stopped at once. So, this is where we can use the idea of simple living.

Also, social movements today, continue to fight against racism, discrimination, economic exploitation and terrorism. To fight such evils, Gandhiji would opt for the path of non-violence and truth. According to him, thinking over such issues is more effective than fighting over it. Gandhiji always said, “Small ideas are beautiful.” Let’s all join hands together and make this world a more beautiful place.

Tanya Thakur

Student Reporter

Punya Kakkar

Student Reporter



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