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This story appears in the issue of School LIVE.
The main description of Duryodhana in the great epic, Mahabharata is of his deviousness, obstinacy and greed for power that would bring

‘The story I’m going to tell is true. It happened to me. It is a tale of Gunpowder town’

Fly Away Home is a story taking place during the Second World War. Like Anne Frank’s Diary, it tells us about the world during those hard and dark times through the brightly lit eyes of a child, Christel Goth, an eight year old with a mind that ventured far beyond the dark damp cellars that her family was forced in for shelter. When her home in Vienna is bombed and is turned into a pile of rubble and dust, a chance offered to her family saves them. A chance to move into the safety of a wealthy suburb and living in a villa belonging to someone else.

With the horrors of the Russians finding them at the peak while the war is ending, the story gives out a feeling of happiness, sadness, excitement and guilt rushing in one after another. And when the Russians do come all can they do as the worst is drink and fire guns, but Christel’s curiosity leads danger to not only her but to her loved ones as well. A story based on the experiences of her own childhood portrayed through the simple words spoken by a child, Christine Nostlinger has done a rather magnificent job in indulging it’s reader further and into the world of war, humanity and fear covered with small sparks of happiness and laughter that are yet to find out how dangerous the world can be.

Shubhangi Vardhan
Student Reporter

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