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Click Like a Pro!
This story appears in the November 2018 issue of School LIVE.
Be it the amazing landscapes or the important events of life, the one way to reminisce the beautiful memories are photographs. So hop into the world of cameras and understand from photographer Sparsh Raj Singh, on how to capture these priceless moments through your lens.

We all have hobbies and ambitions. Some like to pursue dance and some enjoy cooking. However, with every passion and hobby there is always a certain cost that is incurred. One such hobby which has caught the attention of many is “photography”.

So if photography is what drives you, the next big question is “Which camera will be the best buy?” Should one buy the expensive DSLRs or the compact, but costly digital cameras??

But wouldn’t it be great if clicking the perfect photos to capture the beautiful memories of one’s life, could be achieved using the cameras on our handy smartphones? Get the amazing DSLR type shots but with the help of your camera on the mobile. So let’s zoom into the world of photography hacks that can help you master the art of photography from the easily available smartphone cameras.



Following the suggestions and keeping a few tricks in mind, you will be able to shoot like a pro and turn the world into a canvas that you can paint through your lens.


THREE IS NEVER A CROWD: The first and foremost rule is to get the frame set by following the “Rule of Thirds”. Before we understand this rule, let us first find out what a good photo is. A good photo is one which has the perfect composition and balance of images.



Even before you click the photo, you first need to mentally break down the image in 9 parts, both horizontally and vertically. Which means dividing the image using 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines. Once you have this done, you now need to place the important elements along these lines. By doing so you will be able to get a more balanced and wholesome shot. This merely means that when you click a photo it will not have much of empty space and the focus will remain on the element itself. This rule is most appropriate for taking landscape shots.




BELT THAT ANGLE:  Have you ever had a friend take a photo of yours which seemed disproportioned? Or had an instance when your head seemed larger than the rest of your body? The reason why this happens is because the angle used to click a photo is often wrong. If we want to take a full length photo, our first tendency is to place the mobile right in front of our face and then click one. However, to get the best result in the photo, why not try to either sit on one knee, or else place your mobile towards your waistline and then click.

Doing this will make sure that the lens covers the entire length equally and this will give you the most proportionate shot. This angle is known as the belt angle.


SKIM THE LIGHT: Ever wondered how the professional photos are so beautiful and well balanced? The tip to their trick is the balance and playing with the light source in the best way possible. When taking a photo it is good to make sure that there is no direct source of light, be it the sun or the light from the bulbs or tube lights.

The best way of going about this will be to either tay in a shaded area when out in the sun, or modify the settings with thin sheer curtains or butter paper to diffuse the source of light. This will make sure that there is balanced amount of light projected on the object/face that you want to capture. This way your photo won’t become over exposed from one and dark from the other end to result in the formation of highlights and hard shadows. So always try to diffuse or skim the light!


DARK ROOMS DON’T DO ANY GOOD!  Yes we all know that photos were developed in dark rooms, but that doesn’t mean that clicking them there will be of any use. When you want to click a photo, make sure that there is enough light. Unlike our eyes, the lens of our camera can’t adjust to the darkness.

So when you take a photo in a dark or dim lit room, the lens will focus but will take a rather pixilated or grainy shot. So the trick of the trade is to not have too much or no light at all, but to have a setup with moderate source of light.


TIME TO USE THOSE 16 MUSCLES:  You remember all those toothpaste and fairness cream commercials? They always capture one gloomy face for the before and a smiling face for the after shot. This simply means that a smile can add so many miles to an otherwise bland and dull photo.

So the next time you are gearing up to take a photo, one major tip is to make sure your friends/ family are all smiles.


THE EAGLE EYE VIEW: Out for a picnic or a family gathering and fed up of clicking all the photos and not being there in a single one? Then again in the group photos are you the one who becomes the fat faced one?

When clicking a group photo rather than squeezing everyone in the same frame all tight, it is always better to take a photo from a level higher than your height. In short, one can call it the top angle shot.

So the easiest way will be to get the tallest one in the group to click the photo, or use the handy selfie stick!


CHOOSE THE RIGHT BACKGROUND: A messy room, or the epic photobombers who ruin your otherwise perfect shot -- yes, these are all situations no one would want in their next display picture.

One may have the best lighting and angles, but one unwanted element in the background and the entire focus shifts to that eye sore and not on your smile. So before you take all that time to get the ambience and settings right, make sure you first have the correct backdrop for your shot.

All it takes for a perfect shot are a bunch of happy faces, the right lighting and yes, of course the moments that will be preserved through the photographs.


Happy Clicking!

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